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Injury Prevention and Management

Published 5 Jul 2017

Author Erin Splatt

Let’s talk this week about injury prevention, management and why, as a PT it’s SUPER important you’re all over this. Injuries happen guys – they happen outside your sessions, during your sessions and when you least expect it. With today’s desk bound culture and postural implications, people are not moving so freely and are less coordinated in their movement patterns. Your job as a PT is firstly to minimise the chances of these happening, but then, once they have occurred, ensure that you can get your clients back up and running asap.

Our Injury Prevention and Management Course is designed to provide you with practical “how to” strategies, skills, and confidence to safely assist clients through their recovery from the common musculoskeletal injuries.

You will learn the MUST and the MUST NOT DO’s in injury recovery:

  • When should I ice or heat
  • When is it safe to start moving/training again?
  • Am I clear on the dangerous moves that I should not be doing once someone has injured themselves?
  • When should I refer a client to an allied health professional such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor?

Anatomy Review

Sharpen your knowledge on the fundamentals of anatomy and posture as well as the relevant and specific anatomy for any given injury site and how to best re-train these areas.

Exercise Prescription

Gain new ways to plan an exercise program to enhance recovery and how to better instruct clients through this program

Client Education

Learn the simple yet vital techniques of client education on the path to injury recovery.
It’s a great course guys, cannot recommend it enough, so if you’re managing clients with injuries and you’re not entirely confident, perhaps it’s time to upskill yourself