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Learn How to KB Goblet Squat Correctly

Published 26 Jun 2017

Author Erin Splatt

We all love a good squat alternative and the KB Goblet squats seems to be making an appearance in gyms and PT session all over the place. Here’s a quick snap shot of how to set up a Goblet Squat, and what to look out for in terms of technique

Correct Technique KB Goblet Squat

  • Clean the kettlebell into a rack position and take the kettlebell handle in each hand
  • Position the kettlebell in the middle of your chest
  • As you descend, drive your hips back like sitting on a chair.
  • Squat down so that hamstrings are touching calves, with shins vertical.
  • At the bottom, your elbows should be brushing the inside of your knees. This will ensure you reach the proper depth
  • Pause, then drive up while keeping weight in the heels. Drive up until the hips and knees are fully extended
  • Back should be in neutral throughout the movement

Of course, we highly recommend that if you’re going to be using Kettlebells in your sessions, you make the commitment to getting certified properly. PD4PTs in conjunction with Tough Love Kettlebells delivers both Level 1 and Level 2 certification – both brilliant courses that will leave you feeling confident and competent in your KB programming. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  1. Kettlebell exercises with regressions and progressions for each of the moves
  2. Transferring Kettlebell exercises to functional training movements.
  3. The relationship between function movement patterns and safe technique + injury prevention.
  4. Key points for correct body alignment when working with Kettlebells.
  5. How to identify and correct common client mistakes
  6. Different styles of breathing for advanced Kettlebell exercises.
  7. How to use the Kettlebell for joint mobility and dynamic warm – ups
  8. To understand the difference between styles of Kettlebell training
  9. Compilation of Kettlebell training programs for client’s dependent on their goals.
  10. Session and program delivery to coach/teach others safely and effectively