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A good PT knows their stuff but a great PT never stops learning. Keep your skills relevant and stay on top of industry trends with our membership option. An affordable, low-cost weekly rate, makes PD accessible for every personal trainer.


Think about how long ago you completed your Personal Training qualification – have training methods advanced since then? Are you on top of all upcoming industry developments? Is it time to expand your skill set? These are all important questions, but essentially they boil down to – could you be training your clients more efficiently? Professional Development courses ensure that you never stop learning and that you keep afloat in our dynamic and ever-changing industry. We all know we need 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to remain registered with Fitness Australia, but committing to learning new things and improving your knowledge is a much bigger than that – it allows you to be the best version of your PT self.


At PD4PTs we offer a diverse course calendar and focus on expanding both your training knowledge and your business skill set. What good is a highly skilled PT who can’t acquire clients?! Through our membership option, we’ll give you the knowledge to diversify your training delivery (think boxing, kettlebells, myofascial release, outdoor exercise) and also the all-important business skills grow your client base, market effectively and make some money!


Forking out large amounts of dollars for CEC courses is the worst – it effects your business cash flow, and creates a large dent in your bank account. That’s why we have created a PD4PTs weekly membership option. For about 1/3 the cost of one PT session, you can cover all your CEC course requirements, expand your knowledge and skill set and help to grow your business. Here’s what you get with our 12-month membership program:

  1.  Full access to our exciting course calendar
  2.  1 CEC Course per month
  3.  Additional half price courses
  4.  Exclusive member-only events
  5.  Discounted mentoring with a PD4PTs business coach
  6.  Weekly e-newsletters with professional development content
  7.  Email support with up-skilling, business and vocational training needs


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