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Pilates Principles For Fitness Professionals

Course Description:

Think Pilates for Fitness Professionals is a simple as a few 1minute plank holds on the mat?! Think again! Pilates for Fitness Professionals will inspire you as a trainer, to ensure that your clients and gym goers have the most functionally sound and strong core for their exercise needs. Throughout the workshop we’ll show you how to incorporate Pilates based moves within your training practice, and how to get maximum benefit from postural correction and an understanding of the biomechanics behind some of the most popular moves.  Pilates can be a bit of a grey area for many PTs, but the benefits of core strength are well founded in terms of decreased injury and increased client mobility. This course has been developed specifically to give Fitness Professionals an understanding of the basic Pilates Principles to assist clients with these goals. Learn correct muscle activation, stabilisation and control through a mixture of theory and practical work to help you fully understand what Pilates can do to change strength, mobility and movement patterns.

Expect to Learn:

  • About recruitment and strengthening of the pelvic floor
  • How to work the deepest core muscles and how to strengthen the smaller stabiliser muscles
  • Exercises to strengthen the lower back
  • Exercises to improve spinal mobility
  • To be able to verbally set up and safely instruct Pilates based moves
  • The importance pre-screening and performing a postural assessment on clients before beginning Pilates training.
  • Correct postural alignment
  • To identify the difference between neutral and imprinted spine
  • The Pilates Principles including breathing techniques
  • To identify the major muscles used in Pilates and how to isolate and activate them
  • To teach the beginner to intermediate exercises and to apply necessary regression and progressions.
  • How to train clients safely and effectively
  • How to teach pelvic stabilisation
  • How to identify and correct common mistakes made by clients
  • The importance of and correct technique for Pelvic floor activation
  • The relationship between functional movement patterns and safe technique + injury prevention

Presenter Details: Lisa Davis

Lisa is actively involved in all sections of the health and fitness industry and has been for over 13 years. She is a multi-disciplined Group Exercise instructor, teaching Body Balance, Thump, Body Pump, RPM and Body Vive, however her real passion is for Pilates and she owns a Pilates Studio – Limber Fitness, more recently she has upskilled and has been teaching Yoga

Attendee Reviews:

I liked the course that was presented and written for Pilates it was really basic to understanding and execute for training clients. The teacher has a great energy and experience of Pilates and she really jelled with me. We share the same passions in the teaching of Pilates principles and how it is not just a class but a way of life. "Thanks" Arthus Papas

Loved the Pilates principles course on Saturday. Brilliant! Lisa was passionate about her subject and ensured we all understood the course material, both theoretical and practical. I would highly recommend course to everyone. - Ros Harris

I’ve participated in Pilates classes before but never really felt like I could teach others the finer points of the movements, Lisa explained clearly about the muscle activation and technique involved and taught us some really cool new core exercises – loved it! Tristan Snowfit


Date & Time

  • February 9, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Venue:   Results in Motion Studio - Huntingtower School

77 Waimarie Drv, Mt Waverley, 3149, Australia


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