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Myofascial Release

Course Description:

Myofascial Release for Personal Trainers gives trainers invaluable tools to help reduce client pain and enhance movement efficiency and performance. Students will learn how to recognise fascial restrictions and then apply Myofascial Release, to safely and effectively help their clients move and perform better. This course covers a variety of fascial complexes and empowers trainers apply SMR to give their clients an immediate change in their body and postural limitations.

Expect to Learn:

  • To understand the physiology behind fascia and explain how it effects posture, movement and performance
  • Explain the benefits of Self Myofascial Release to clients in relation to their posture, movement patterns and training functionality
  • Understand the background of Myofascial Release and how to implement it within client programming
  • Observe functional movement, range of movement and exercise capacity to identify any joint mobility or movement restrictions during dynamic assessment of clients
  • Identify and document joints, muscles and connective tissues that would benefit from functional exercise strategies and SMR to improve client posture, movement patterns and training functionality & performance
  • To consider static posture but observe and record strength and muscle activation outputs in a dynamic setting to identify any muscle activation concerns and/or strength limitation or imbalance. Refer out to allied health professional where appropriate, and apply these findings to programming and SMR techniques
  • To observe and record any client balance, stability or coordination limitations within a dynamic setting and to refer out to allied health professional where appropriate, and apply these findings to programming and SMR techniques
  • To learn and identify postural variances and their relationship between posture, injury prevention and performance. Be able to discuss their importance with clients develop strategies to promote functional movement, exercise performance and reduce likelihood of injury.
  • To be able to verbally set up and safely instruct SMR exercises to clients based on their assessments and goals
  • Learn how to identify and correct incorrect SMR techniques to ensure client safety and effective training
  • To learn and identify the difference between stretching and Self Myofascial Release (SMR)
  • Learn the relationship between functional movement patterns and safe technique + injury prevention
  • Learn and apply the 18 SMR exercises in the workshop and how to regress and progress them for clients


Presenter Details: Nathan Flynn

A personal trainer with over 10 years’ industry experience, Nathan’s enthusiasm and ability to share knowledge, saw him become a Personal Training Manager at Fitness First and to date, has mentored 100+ trainers.In 2013 both him and his wife Pricilla opened their own PT studio – In2great Fitness and specialise in pain management and fascia release. He is also a Certificate III / IV facilitator with the PT Academy and co-author and presenter of Myofascial Release

Attendee Reviews:

“Fantastic course and Nathan is a lovely and knowledgeable presenter. I experienced a healing for myself too, my newly acquired knee pain gone now...proving myofascial release is a winner! It doesn't get any more practical than that people! Can't wait to pass on the knowledge to my clients!” Cathy Schoemaker

“I found the course amazing! The material and presenter, Nathan were of a high standard and I learned a great deal; in a fun friendly environment. I would not hesitate to recommend this course and very much enjoyed the location and the way it was delivered. I will definitely pursue this subject in greater detail. Keep up the fantastic work a kazzilion percent for quality and enthusiasm!!!” Edwina Bell

"The Myofascial Release course that I attended on 9th December exceeded my expectations. I expected a rehash of what we touched on during my training a few years ago but got so much more.
Nathan's knowledge and enthusiasm was inspiring and I would thoroughly recommend this course to all PT's and fitness instructors" Ros Harris

"I went to the Myofascial Release course thinking I was going to be in way over my head, but Nathan was such a good presenter that I understood all he was teaching and his analogies made it so much easier to grasp. I'm really excited about what I've learnt and have already put it into my daily schedule. After broken elbows and too many shoulder operations, one of which didn't rehabilitate properly, I was told there was really nothing more I could do, but there is!! This is day one and I can already feel the benefits!! I want to introduce this therapy to older clients as I'm positive it will greatly enhance their lives and well-being. Thank you for such an interesting and well presented course" Yve Versteegan


Date & Time

  • August 4, 2018
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Venue:   In2great Fitness

765C Hawthorn Rd, Brighton East, 3187, Australia


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