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Injury Prevention Techniques

Course Description:

The Injury Prevention Techniques for Fitness Trainers Workshop has been designed to provide you with practical “how to” strategies, skills, and confidence to safely assist clients through their recovery from the common musculoskeletal injuries. These conditions include but are not limited to injury and pain in the following areas: back, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow. Throughout the workshop, you’ll sharpen your knowledge on the fundamentals of anatomy and posture as well as the relevant and specific anatomy for any given injury site and how to best re-train these areas. Most importantly, you’ll learn the simple yet vital techniques of client education on the path to injury recovery

Expect to Learn:

  • When to ice or heat
  • When it’s safe to start moving/training again
  • Clarity on the dangerous moves that you should not be doing once someone has injured themselves
  • When to refer a client to an allied health professional such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor
  • How to see the changes that have occurred to the injured area and the basic techniques of how to progressively correct these changes.
  • What happens when we first injure ourselves
  • What happens to movement patterns once an injury occurs
  • What happens to movement long term if these changes are never addressed
  • Why “touch and teach” is a must use technique when working with clients who are doing an exercise program to recover from injury

Presenter Details: Phil Mifsud

Phil is the founder of Bodyline Health and is extremely qualified to pass on his knowledge to fitness students as he has both Human Movement and Chiropractic Degrees! He is actively involved in the fitness industry and is an expert on stretching and gym based rehabilitation. His sessions draw on both his academic knowledge as well as his “in the trenches” experience as a PT

Attendee Reviews:

I found the course very interesting and learnt a lot from our presenter Phil Mifsud. He was engaging, approachable and very knowledgeable. I learnt several new techniques not only for exercise prescription but also in helping diagnose the exact issue and correct assessment of clients Troy Hill


Date & Time

  • September 16, 2018
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Venue:   Richmond Recreation Centre

11-15 Gleadell St, Richmond, 3121, Australia


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