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Glute Training Essentials – Level 1

Course Description:

The most in-depth practically and scientifically based glute building workshop for 2021. Dr. Andrew Lock and Dr. Dani Antonellos bring together Physiotherapy and Osteopathy to give you the best approaches to glute science.

Whether your goal is to produce contest winning glutes, a better beach body or to understand the glutes’ role in the rehabilitation area; all will be explained in a specific and succinct system that is unique.
Scientific knowledge and practical hypertrophy principles will be explained in such a way that you will come away with a profound understanding of how essential glutes are to every human movement.
You’ll walk away with skills and knowledge that you can apply immediately.

Come see why these two wildly popular health professionals are well known and sought after.

Expect to Learn:

  • To identify activities, settings and clientele appropriate for Glute Training in accordance with the Scope of Practice for AusReps (Fitness Australia 2019). Refer out to allied health professionals where appropriate.
  • To ensure health screening, movement screening, setting and space requirements, supervisory ratio, safe and effective programming are all practiced in accordance with the Safety Guidelines For Strength Training (Fitness Australia 2010)
  • To identify the importance and benefits of training the gluteal muscles in daily functional movements, injury prevention, performance and aesthetics.
  • To understand the anatomy behind the gluteal muscles in relation to the hips and pelvis and how they can affect movement.
  • To learn and apply a variety of gluteal exercises from the workshop to a real client programming situation and how to regress and progress them for clients.
  • To be able to verbally set up and safely instruct gluteal exercises to clients based on their assessments and goals.
  • Learn how to identify and correct incorrect gluteal techniques to ensure client safety and effective training.
  • Observe functional movement, range of movement and exercise capacity to identify any joint mobility or movement restrictions during dynamic assessment and exercise performance of clients
  • Identify and document movement patterns that would benefit from gluteal training strategies to improve movement patterns, training functionality & performance.
  • To observe and record any client balance, stability or coordination limitations within a dynamic setting and to refer out to allied health professional where appropriate – apply these findings to programming and gluteal techniques.
  • Understand the variables in research paper results and to recognise that the appropriate exercise prescription varies between each individual client.
  • Understand the benefits and mechanics of the squat variations.
  • To identify the mechanisms behind the training goal of hypertrophy and strength.

Presenter Details: Dr Dani Antonellos

Dani Antonellos has made waves in the industry for the past decade, as an Osteopath, Trainer and Professional Bikini Competitor. Her methods as a practitioner encourage her patients to feel educated and in control of their results. When she isn’t with clients, she uses science and real-world experience to mentor other health professionals in business and skill development.


Date & Time

  • October 16, 2022
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Venue:   Crossfit Neuro

19-21 Lucinda St, Woolloongabba, Queensland, 4102, Australia


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