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Meet Michelle Manion – Recommended Accountant for PT Industry

Published 22 May 2018

Author Erin Splatt

Every now and then you meet someone in the industry who is not only excellent at what they do, but the EXACT match for the skill set you need! I found this one – a PT AND Accountant! Here’s her write up below:

My name is Michelle and I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and own and run my own gym in St Kilda. I’m also a Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent (and have been for the last 10 years!) This has allowed me to assist hundred of clients with their Tax and Reporting obligations as well as provided cash flow analysis and business advice on a variety of different matters.  In short, my Accounting Firm- Accounting For Fitness specialises with assisting Personal Trainers and people in the Fitness Industry with all of their Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance needs.

I’ve found that I’ve really been able to connect with and help Personal Trainers because I truly understand their business needs. We speak the same language and have very similar business stories which means I am able to provide them with personally tailored solutions to many of the common business problems we often come across. From bookkeeping solutions, to cash flow advise and taking care of all your taxation obligations- I can assist Personal Trainers in giving their business the best chance of success.

Details on the packages I offer can be found at however I am able to be flexible around what we offer based on the Personal Trainers needs.

I also currently provide consulting services to Fitness First in Melbourne where I attend their monthly level 2 training inductions and present the business part of their induction, explaining the relevance of tax deductible expenses to them, going through a break-even analysis so they know exactly how many sessions they need to do each week, discussing various methods of receiving income and going through the advantages/disadvantages of each, showing them how to structure their bank accounts and a simple and effective record keeping system to ensure they are on top of the administration side of their business. The majority of trainers who go through the 2 day induction say that they get the most out of this 2 hour seminar!

Sound like a catch to you guys? Well she is for me! I’ll be moving my Results in Motion PT business accounting across to her next financial year.